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Bandung - 40238, west Java - Indonesia
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PT Daya Indonesia Bakti was established in Jakarta, 10th of July 2015. The head office is in Bandung with Arenga Fiber as the first product for export purposes to European and Asian countries such as China, Srilanka and Germany. This company was established to accommodate the production and trading activities of local Indonesian commodities majorly for international but also for domestic purposes.

To become a leading Indonesian company in providing local Indonesian commodities, products, and services and bring them professionally worldwide.

1. Processing Indonesian agricultural products in the professional management system to revive them as the main natural products of Indonesia.
2. Applying a professional quality control to these commodities to fulfil international standard requirements in the international market.
3. Empowering Indonesian products by creating a market that supports the growth of local economy and community.
4. Providing professional engineering consultancy services that are competitive in the international level to awaken and increase the efficiency of Indonesian industries.


1. Local commodities: production and export of Arenga gumati fiber
Arenga gumati fiber is the natural fiber that originates from the black fiber surrounding the trunk of the Arenga palm tree and used in the production of high quality broom and brush fibers, heat and seasalt resistant rope, water treatment, roof tiles, mixture of cement and concrete and nest for fish breeding.

2. Indonesian product for energy saving: IM-Power

IM-Power is the latest breakthrough in energy management. It provides renewable electricity power that is supplied from the ground. IM-Power improves the array of electrons, providing additional ampere, stabilising voltage, as well as increasing power factor on motor (loads), resulting in increased ampere or reduced power (kWh) consumption, increasing electricity quality to the loads, and reduced motor temperature to keep motors on their optimum performance.

3. Consultancy services: energy, water, and renewables

We provide engineering consultancy for industrial efficiency purposes. Our experts with diverse and deep engineering background are available to provide efficient and effective solutions for diverse efficiency improvements related to energy, water, and renewables.