About Us

PT. Daya Indonesia Bakti

We are professionals and specialists in the production, trading and consultancy

PT. Daya Indonesia Bakti was established in Jakarta on the 10th of July 2015. We are professionals and specialists in the production, trading and consultancy services based on Indonesian local commodities, products, and proficiencies. Production and trading of our local commodities serve international as well as domestic demands and have reached European and Asian countries such as Germany, Belgium, Poland, and Srilanka.
We are also official distributor of IM-Power, a local-made device which is used either to save electricity cost (energy) or to increase power capacity. This device has been used in some of leading (both food and non-food) industries in Indonesia for energy efficiency purposes.
As consultants, we provide professional engineering consultancy services in water, energy, and renewables for industrial efficiency and conservation purposes.and act also as official representative agent for technologies / products related to these matters.


To become a leading Indonesian company in providing local Indonesian commodities, products, and services and bring them professionally worldwide.


  1. Processing Indonesian agricultural products in the professional management system to revive them as the main natural products of Indonesia.
  2. Applying a professional quality control to these commodities to fulfil international standard requirements in the international market.
  3. Empowering Indonesian products by creating a market that supports the growth of local economy and community.
  4. Providing professional engineering consultancy services that are competitive in the international level to awaken and increase the efficiency of Indonesian industries.


AHU number

AHU-2447935.AH.01.01 tahun 2015

SIUP number


AKTA number

AKTA no. 16 tanggal 29 Juni 2015

NPWP number



President Director

Jenny Novianti M. Tan-Soetedjo, ST., M.Sc.

President Commissioner

Meggy Megarani T., ST.


Water, wastewater, and biogas

Ir. Sakti Siregar

Electricity and powerplants

Ir. Sugiri